Thu Mar 1 Ayodeji Ajayi

A story of greed and power which highlights the many intricacies of our society, how unwary citizens have been divided along tribal and religious sentiments by some political unscrupulous elements and the need to shun corruption at all levels in the society. Ununcha the Musical is a 100 man cast and crew production and will be staging for five (5) days.

Date: 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th of September, and 1st of October.

Venue: Shell hall, MUSON Center

Time: 3pm & 7pm

Tickets: 10k – Vip, 5k – Standard, 3k – Regular


Ununcha The Musical employs comedy and music to tell the story of greed and public asset mis-management by those entrusted with our commonwealth.

It follows the story of Okoro Ununcha, choreographer, singer and band leader of a reputed cosmopolitan group. This group, famed for its beautiful music and great dances is the cynosure of all eyes and all events. Their ability to weave local music with contemporary songs and dance brought them invitation and dance from far and wide.

There was money and fortune, enough for everyone…until Okoro Ununcha’s alter ego appears to him in a trance and opens his eyes to the fact that he has been slaving for this group and sharing everything with everyone! How can he become rich if he does not covet the riches for himself?

So when the group performs the next time and the host says ‘this gift of money is for “all of you”’, Okoro Ununcha reminds everyone that he is ‘all of you’! Of course, ‘Ununcha’ in Igbo parlance literarily meant ‘All of you or every one of you’ so Okoro Ununcha was not lying. It was a sad realization for everyone…well not for Okoro Ununcha for while the group became poor, Okoro Ununcha became extremely rich.

When public funds are mismanaged, the resultant effect is slow but sure; the group’s instrument began to wear off and in need of replacement. But how can one replace damaged musical instruments when one has no money? Soon, the well famed group began to lose relevance but Ununcha rode on his new found wealth.

One day, at a gathering of all great musical arts from around the world, Okoro Ununcha realized that one man can prepare a meal for the society and the society can finish it; but when the society prepares a meal for one man, that man is doomed.

Ununcha the Musical has one underlying theme: one man can never be everyone. Those who hold public assets merely hold it in trust and such trust must not be abused. Abuse of public asset has a long term effect, even now until the next generation. What is meant for the public is not meant for Ununcha; it is actually meant for everyone. All of us who are Ununcha’s in our different endeavors must know that only transparency and accountability of such will take our society to the place we all dream of.